Saturday, December 8, 2007

Hi Santa...

I went to the mall today with Mommy and Daddy to see Santa. We had to wait in a line while other kids got to see Santa before me. I didn't like standing in line so I walked around with daddy. Mommy stayed in line so I could still see Santa. When it was my turn I ran up to Santa and sat in his lap. I told him that I wanted a titanium tricycle from Independent Fabrication. (daddy's been helping with my Santa list)

This is my second Christmas, but I don't remember the first one. Mommy decorated the house and daddy helped. Mommy likes Christmas. Daddy talks about something called the winter solstice, something about more daylight. I guess he wants longer days or something.

I had my picture taken with Santa, he was nice so I smiled big.

I hope you have a nice Christmas.